Aegaeon Home Lab

This website documents: my home computing lab, how its built, and how I interact with it. This is meant to allow me to document my journey as I get it set up and hopefully make doing this a second time easier if I need to. (Or want to extend it over time.)

This site and all associated files are available on gitlab.

General Operational Goals

  • git-ops for kubernetes cluster definition
  • deployed services are externally reachable from the internet
  • be able to add nodes to the cluster with minimal work
  • storage capacity on cluster sufficient to medium data loads (less than a TB)
  • storage capacity off cluster for all of my media

Use cases

  • gathering and organizing media for myself to enjoy.
  • development playground to play with new technology stacks / techniques

Planned Layout

The current layout for this project is depicted below. It currently is a:

  • A bastion node to serve as a single point of entry to the cluster
  • A k8s node (using k3s):
    • 1 node for the control plane
    • 6 nodes for agents
    • 1 NAS system for storage

Over time (and as the great Pi shortage of 2021+ hopefully subsides) I plan on adding a second set of compute nodes for exapansion by :

  • 2 rasberry pis to make an HA control plane
  • 6 rasberry pis for additional agents (or maybe other stand alone applications like databases)

Architecture plan