Menu extra shortcuts

You can define additional menu entries or shortcuts in the navigation menu without any link to content.

Basic configuration

Edit the website configuration config.toml and add a [[menu.shortcuts]] entry for each link your want to add.

Example from the current website:

name = "<i class='fab fa-github'></i> Github repo"
identifier = "ds"
url = ""
weight = 10

name = "<i class='fas fa-camera'></i> Showcases"
url = "/showcase"
weight = 11

name = "<i class='fas fa-bookmark'></i> Hugo Documentation"
identifier = "hugodoc"
url = ""
weight = 20

name = "<i class='fas fa-bullhorn'></i> Credits"
url = "/credits"
weight = 30

By default, shortcuts are preceded by a title. This title can be disabled by setting disableShortcutsTitle=true. However, if you want to keep the title but change its value, it can be overriden by changing your local i18n translation string configuration.

Read more about hugo menu and hugo i18n translation strings